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COVID-19 turned rosters into teams.

There is a powerful story in the sports world that isn’t being told.  In a world of self promotion and individuality, Covid just helped every General Manager better understand how and where to spend their money.  

You can’t just put together an incredible roster teeming with elite talent. You have to put together a great team.  

After years of having 2 of the largest payrolls in their respective sports, both the Dodgers and Lakers finally got it done and won their world championships in 2020.  After putting together expensive rosters with elite individual talent, it was tragedy that finally introduced their missing ingredient.  Covid turned their rosters… into teams.

In an attempt to reduce exposure risk to Covid, the professional leagues implemented quarantining initiatives to keep players safe.  Teams were forced to stay together and quarantine for months throughout the season. They were forced to live together, not just play together.

They couldn’t just go out to dinner with the teammates whom they felt most like. They hung out with everyone on their roster. They stayed up late playing cards and video games.  They made fun of each other. They became teammates. They became brothers…on and off the field.

We saw teams playing for reasons greater than their business. We saw emotions. We saw authenticity. We saw teamwork.  We saw the best brand of sports that we’ve seen in some time.

Regardless of what kind of team you are leading, or just on, there is no better investment than in each other. Be real with each other. Authenticity is currency.    

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  1. Glenn Freed on November 1, 2020 at 2:53 am

    Great observation. Makes me think about making lemonade from lemons.

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