About Klarity Lifestyle

When we live in Klarity, we align our Special Power with our life story, and pursue the things that give us energy.

"Finding Klarity changed my life."

- Matt Miller

Klarity is achieved when we sculpt our lives in a way that our life story aligns seamlessly with our unique Special Power.

Every one of us has a story. Our life stories are a tapestry of experiences, often peppered with hardships that shape our personalities, passions, and beliefs. They offer us a unique lens through which we view the world.

These stories instill within us an array of emotions. In the quest to accomplish what we genuinely care about, it's this emotional foundation that drives us forward, often more potent than innate talent or intelligence. Pursuit becomes our mantra.

Our life stories fuel us with GAS (Give A Sh*t). GAS is the driving force behind success, propelling us past obstacles and challenges...

Each of us possesses a Special Power. This Special Power is a skill or talent that we excel in - not only do we perform extraordinarily well, but we also find immense joy in it. We are drawn to it. It's a skill or talent that captivates us so wholly that time appears to stand still. We are entirely present. Success and monetary rewards often trail behind when we employ our Special Power, but our interest in these rewards dims. We are in love with the process.

"The single most important thing in our lives is our state of mind. When we are joyful, we see more joyful things. When we are grateful, we see things that make us even more grateful…which creates more gratitude! It’s an energizing cycle free to us all. Suddenly, we then have inertia and gratitude is overflowing in our hearts. How we see the world will largely dictate how we receive it. Be the joy, not the burden."

— Matt Miller

About Klarity Lifestyle Company

Klarity was founded in 2016 by survivor, story-teller, and adventurer Matt Miller.

Klarity Lifestyle Company(KLC) is a parent company and brand devoted towards helping others live more righteously and purposefully.  As a brand of mission, 10% of all KLC profits are devoted towards our 501(3)c, The Klarity Foundation, a Foundation devoted towards helping those who have fallen in life with getting back up. We bring assistance, resources, and community to individuals and families post major life crisis.

About Matt Miller

A resilient survivor, a fervent outdoorsman, an ultra-runner, a baseball enthusiast, a dedicated writer, a transformational speaker, a compassionate coach - Matt Miller is a personification of endurance and triumph.

Surviving a life-threatening encounter at the brink of Pico de Orizaba's summit, the third highest peak in North America, Matt has transformed a horrifying ordeal into a beacon of hope and resilience. His journey, narrated in 'The Fall and Rise of Matt Miller', echoes a story of sheer survival, a testament to the indomitable human spirit that resonates with countless individuals.

Despite losing most of his fingers and toes to frostbite in 2002, Matt’s spirit remains unbroken. His journey has instilled in him an ability to turn adversity into opportunity, offering a helping hand to those in need and inspiring others to do the same.

Watch Matt's interview with Mike Bean, co-founder of Getting Back Up Project below: