Living a Life of Klarity

with Matt Miller

Professional Story Teller and Coach

Simple Living for Complex People

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The Klarity Guideposts

We all have scars 

  • Be vulnerable.
  • Everyone has their mountain(s).
  • Life is a game of failure.
  • Love your scars.

Pursue what gives you GAS (Give A Sh*t)

  • When we pursue the things we want… we get them!
  • Emotion can be more valuable than talent.
  • Find your fire. Get obsessed about something.


Markets work

  • Reality is a giant marketplace. Each one of us has our own valuation. Become more valuable everyday!
    • Become a better listener, a better friend, work on your handshake, etc.

Find YOUR friends

  • We are an average of the 5 people whom we hangout with most.
    • Hang out with those whom you want to emulate.
  • Live in consultation. Have a board of governors for “”.
  • Invest in relationships. It will be your best investment, other than yourself.

Authenticity is currency

  • You are perfectly imperfect. Embrace your mistakes and scars.
  • Business isn’t just business. Business is totally personal.
  • People are attracted to attractive people.
    • Nothing is more attractive than confidence and comfort in ones skin.

It is not the size of your garden that matters, its how you tend to it

  • Happiness comes from giving it your best. It doesn’t matter what you are doing.  Seriously!
  • Be a meticulous, joyous, hard working, and generous gardener. Share your fruit.
  • Not just doing good, its being good. Its not results, it’s the process.

You are who you think you are

  • If you want to be CEO, start acting like a CEO…now!
  • Blessed is he/she with a vision. Its okay to dream!

Have a life philosophy

  • How you see the world is how you will receive the world.
  • Be attractive. Be the blessing, not the burden.

Rest and reflect…often

  • Don’t get so caught up in making a living that you forget to make your life.
  • Our reality might not be the reality.
  • Find your happy place.

Just block and tackle

  • Be extraordinary by doing the ordinary…extraordinarily well.
  • Always give it your best.

Simple Living for Complex People

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