“The purpose in a mans heart is like deep water, but a man of understanding will draw it out”Proverbs 20:5

Do you know what you want? 

Clarity is power.  Having a clear vision of where you are going and what you want will change your life. 

In my 40 interesting years on this planet, one thing I do know is that human beings have an incredible ability to get the things they truly want. When something we truly want resides in our heart, we discover the energy and grit to persevere. No matter what.  

There is a huge difference between “I need to have”, and “I must have”.  Clarity is knowing what you must have.  

No other factor is more important to your success than grit. Not a great business plan, not favorable market conditions, and not even just good luck. What determines your success will be how bad you want it.

We get so caught up with making a living, that we neglect taking the time to make our life. For many of us, we neglect taking the time to even understand what it is we really want in life (and this can change throughout our life). Investing time inward on ourselves and deepening our understanding of why and what motivates us, has huge life long implications.  Nothing is more important.

We need to pursue the things that give us energy. Only then will we find the grit to go from good to great.

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Klarity Lifestyle Company (KLC) has been helping people find clarity in life since 2017. Klarity Coaching is a subsidiary of KLC, a coaching service devoted to helping individuals and teams improve business and  life performance.

Matt Miller
Author: Matt Miller

Matt Miller has done many things in his young addition to just surviving. In 2002, Matt left behind person he once was as his life was suddenly changed forever by a horrendous mountain climbing accident. Diving for his falling father, Matt fell over 4,000 feet before miraculously stopping just short of the ragid cliffs. Through a night of survival and pain, Matt persevered but lost most of his fingers and toes as a result from frostbite. Matt does everything from public speaking, one-on-one consulting, firm strategy, as well as company retreat facilitation. With a seasoned investment background and passion for educating the investment world, Matt also can't resist sharing his comments from time to time on markets. Matt is also an avid runner, successfully completing over 10 marathons without his toes! He is 38 and resides in Phoenix, Arizona.

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