This week from My Life Sherpa: Shortcuts Continued…

It takes a lot of energy to not be yourself.

Think of all the time and energy you devote towards managing your stage face. Think of the things we do!

We edit our Facebook pictures. We tell others about our exaggerated accomplishments.  Like everything we face, we look to take the shortcut. We take the immediate action hoping for immediate results. We might like what’s looking back at us, or the instant validation we receive from others, but in reality we are just digging our hole deeper.

If you want to fix what’s looking back at you in the mirror, it has little to do with fixing the outside, and everything to do with fixing the inside.  

It’s a simple but difficult solution. If you want to think differently about yourself, you need to do differently about yourself.  Nothing changes if nothing changes.  It’s simply blocking an tackling – Doing what you said you would. Treating others the way you would wish to be treated. Committing to that new diet and sticking to it. Committing to your new workout regime and sticking to it.  It’s obedience. Discipline is the fuel for personal freedom.

We love ourselves when we can control ourselves. 

Stop “editing” yourself and instead just start being yourself.  You are perfect.   Perfectly imperfect in fact. People are attracted to attractive people(If you look good on the outside but are insecure on the inside, you’ll attract others with the same make-up). 

Nothing is more attractive than a person who is just good in their own skin. Be attractive and love your authentic flawed self.

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Matt Miller
Author: Matt Miller

Matt Miller has done many things in his young addition to just surviving. In 2002, Matt left behind person he once was as his life was suddenly changed forever by a horrendous mountain climbing accident. Diving for his falling father, Matt fell over 4,000 feet before miraculously stopping just short of the ragid cliffs. Through a night of survival and pain, Matt persevered but lost most of his fingers and toes as a result from frostbite. Matt does everything from public speaking, one-on-one consulting, firm strategy, as well as company retreat facilitation. With a seasoned investment background and passion for educating the investment world, Matt also can't resist sharing his comments from time to time on markets. Matt is also an avid runner, successfully completing over 10 marathons without his toes! He is 38 and resides in Phoenix, Arizona.

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